Learning Zi Wei in a new way

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Bài viết: 1602
Tham gia: 15:38, 08/07/13

Learning Zi Wei in a new way

Gửi bài gửi bởi nilegem » 18:21, 23/09/18

previously we have heard of the way of analysis based on the stars in Ming palace, but I want to open this further by saying that the stars of the Travel palace should also be analysed, for example

Tian Tong in Mao Tai Yin in Travel palace is the same as Tai Yin in Mao and Tian Tong in Travel palace, same as Tian Tong Tai Yin in Ming or Ming empty palace and Travel Tai Yin Tian Tong

Without further ado let;s analyse what happens

Tian Tong Tian Liang: Person is gentle with few words, mature and very honorable, slow to make friends

Tian Tong Tai Yin: Very intelligent, deep kind of wisdom but does not show on the surface, there is something deep, but person is very allergic and irritable, can be easily annoyed

Tian Tong Ju Men: Person is very attracted to beautiful clothes

Tai Yang Jumen: Person good at Maths and Logic

Tai Yang Tai Yin: Person is not concerned with the traditional way, likes to do strange unrelated things like doing a weird job while you are inUniversity and forget everything about study, weird anti-social hobby

Tai Yang Tian Liang: Person is very gentle and polite

Wu Qu Tan Lang: person has very devastating childhood but slowly gain respect in society

I have not analysed with all the possible cases but this is just a guideline for your further study

The danger of Pojun Tian Xiang

Po jun Tian Xiang is like you have a very nice looking young woman but in the inside she is like a snake, it is like on the outside you think she is pretty and nice but inside she is dirty and ugly, so any palace within the line of Pojun and Tian Xiang you will find strange unexpected exposure of bad personality, this is deception

THe danger of TIan Fu Qisha

The person on this line is quiet but is hidden inside very hot temper, so any palace for example property palace having Tian Fu Qi Sha line will tends to be quiet, but prone to violent and anger

Let me give an example

Friends palace has Pojun Tian Xiang line: means friends will appear to be very nice but have hidden motives and in the end turns out to be very unexpected bad sides, looks is not all, all that glitters is not gold

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